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Our factories are situated in Barak Valley, Assam. Website

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Our Tea
We have started our tea manufacturing in 2010. After getting wide appreciation in Auction and In the market as a whole for our loose tea, we have decided to go to our main consumers directly so that we can give them good quality tea at a cheaper price.
Now any where from India, you can buy our tea directly from our factory. Our MRP is Rs 275/- per KG and Courier charges will be Rs 125/-[Maximum] per KG. Just Call this mobile
09435700934 or visit
for detail information.
for our bank account number. We will send your order by Speed Post, so it will reach you within 4 days of receiving your order.
You may also contact us for loose tea. We produce all grades of loose tea like BOP, BOPsm, BP, OF, PD, PF and Dust and some quantity of secondary tea.
250gram Assam CTC tea packet
Our Packet Tea

1KG Assam CTC tea pack
Our 1 KG Pack