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Contrary to the popular impression, some Indians, were consuming Assam tea much before British tasted it in China. The Singpho and Khamti tribes of Assam and Northern Burma were consuming Assam tea since 12th century. In 1598, Jan Huyghen van Linschoten, a famous Dutch traveller, travelling through Assam, recorded in his travelling note book about his meeting with Indians who ate the leaves of a tree as a vegetable with garlic and oil and also boiled that leaves to make a brew. Since he never saw Cha, so he could not recognize it. But his description of brew indicate that it was tea.
In 1823 Robert Bruce, a Major General of East India Company found that local people of Assam namely the Singhpos, brewing Cha from the leaves of some trees of forest like garden. He negotiated with the Singpo chiefs Bishagaum to provide him with samples of the leaves and seeds against an advance, which he decided to have it examined scientifically. Robert did not clear full dues of Bishagaum. But he and his subordinates were collecting Cha leaf and having Cha from improvised garden of Singhpo Tribe. The tribal chief, Bishagaum and his tribe were simple people, they requested for their agreed balance money repeatedly, which was persistently refused by Robert and his group. After many denials, Bishagaum lost his patient and hacked all Cha bushes of their unorganised garden. Later, that garden was named Beesakopie. Also concept of Heavy and Medium pruning in Cha garden was germinated from this act of frustrated tribal chief Bisha, cutting Cha bushes of their ancient, natural garden. Robert Bruce died shortly thereafter, without knowing the result of his effort for Assam Cha.

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