We have not included all options in the Demo version. But you will surely find out simplicity and speed of this software.
This low cost web based Wages and Salary software for Tea Gardens is developed by a group of Tea Garden Managers. So it had been done from actual and practical points of views.
2nd, important thing about this software that it is FREE for small Tea Growers and Organisations.
3rdly, if necessary, You can use it without internet connection. But we recommend internet connection

We are connected with Tea Gardens and amateur web developers.
About an year ago, we were looking for a software for tea garden wage calculation. We contacted a local developer, he took advance and gave us literally, half done, quarter finished software, which cannot be used. Price was Rs 30 thousands.
Our HO contacted a developer company based at Kolkata, they asked for Rs 2 lak, 50 thousands. We tried to find in Google, minimum price was Rs 1 lak 25 thousands. Simple salary software may be found at Rs 30 thousands but not Tea Garden software which is bit complicated.
In regular industries wages and salary are given mainly on the basis of attendance and also in some cases based on the task performed.
But in case of tea industry, say for plucking at least 4 options with different slabs of wages can be achieved by a worker and his wages will follow accordingly.
This software works following ways.... First, operator has to enlist all worker names with related details like his designation,PF no, dependents, date of birth etc.(This is an one time job unlike manual process, where after every 8 weeks, workers' names has be re wriiten.)
These workers' names are required to be approved by the management, before approval of the management, it will not go to work section hence fictitious wages can not be posted by Hazri Clerk.--->>
After approval by management, it will come to, as we said work section, where daily wages will be posted.
Here we have made it absolutely easy. Workers name will come one after another ( may be alphabetically, if client wishes).
Attendance Clerk just has to write down quantity plucked and in case of other works, he has to select the work and write the Task and Task Done.
So in case of plucking which constitutes 50% or more of workers, Operator needs 2 clicks and in case of other works, he requires 2 to 4 clicks after selecting the particular worker to complete Hazri posting. ( 2 clicks will require, may be 10 seconds and 4 click's may be 20 seconds).
From here, software completely takes over, It calculates, his gross wages, his ration, ration for his dependents, incentive, PF, working days, leave with wages, bonus etc and any other thing client wants.
More over, We made it web based, so HO people can check it any time and can take rectifying action. Since every thing will be in front of HO, no destructive action can be taken by anyone.
Unlimited number of reports can be generated like Plucking cost, Sickling cost or for any other expenditure. Normally, for such reports, employees has to work not less than 10 hours a day. Naturally, when employees are free they can be put for actual supervisory works.
May be if you click ENTER at top for demo link http://indianteahelp.com/tea_garden_wages_software it will become clearer.
You may contact us at 09435700934.

Prakash. Chandra. Mehra (P.C. Mehra.), [email protected] Former Superintendent. Assambrooke Estates Ltd. Assam. Tea trader, blender, taster in tea for over 5 decades. Still devoted to tea sales worldwide from Perth Australia wrote

It gives me great pleasure to state, that it is indeed a commendable effort on the part of Mr. Dhrooba Dhar to create an invaluable software, for tea garden labour wages, all types of deductions, pf, rations deductions, then whatever correct figure comes as wages to our labour. I would highly recommend this software for tea and allied industries with necessary adjustments. Besides the use of an important and useful software, it is noteworthy that Mr. Dhar has priced the software very reasonably. it is equally commendable that the software is being given to small growers who cannot afford, free of cost. Another very important aspect has been very carefully done for proper after sale service which is undoubtedly of prime importance. I am amply sure no one will find any difficulty in using this software, and the dealings of Mr.Dhar is praise worthy. ...................